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Meet the Slob

Site Launching This Year (if I can be bothered).
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  1. Billy

    Ahh man. This is such a good idea, i definitely fit into the lazy category. I’ve subscribed tho the mailing list.

  2. Jim

    Interesting concept, i like the idea of a site without all the BS and people in it just for themselves. looking forward to the launch.

  3. Harvey

    Signed up, looking forward to the site and my free gift. Any clues on what it’ll be?

  4. Emily

    I love that video, i can definitely draw similarities. Will this be mainly selling things online or affiliate sales and adsense etc?

  5. James

    Awesome video, if only it was possible to wake up and make hundreds of dollars overnight. Hopefully you have some tips to make it possible when you launch.

  6. Rich

    The amount of stuff i’ve read on the internet from ‘internet gurus’ is ridiculous and it’s all been for nothing. Hopefully this site will be much more helpful without the self-promotion of gurus.

  7. Dan

    Everyone says i’m lazy so hoping this site will be useful to me when launched. Any idea what month you’re going to launch?

  8. Marc

    Just subscribed to the email updates. Are you going to send any hints on what the site will be about?

  9. Ellie

    I’m so excited for this site’s launch. I’ve been looking at ways that don’t require much effort to earn money and this sounds just like what i’m looking for.

  10. John

    I make a little bit of money online currently but not a great deal. Would love to find out ways to make more money with only a little bit more effort.

  11. Emma

    Can’t wait for launch! Hopefully there won’t be lots of text to read because i get lazy and stop reading 😉

  12. Tom

    I think quite a few internet marketers are lazy anyways so this site will be incredibly helpful.

  13. Eddy

    When will the site be launching, January? I need to make some money next year and this looks like a good resource.

  14. Steve

    That video is the dream! Imagine not having to wake up at 7 everyday but still making good money, let me know when you launch!

  15. Alex

    Nice video, think that sums up everyone’s idea of a perfect life! Hopefully the Lazy Slob will have some decent money making ideas!

  16. Kelly

    Wonder what this cool bribe is? An eBook maybe or will it be a physical gift?

  17. Charlie

    TheLazySlob cool name! Hopefully you will have lots of ways for me to make money easily. I’ve signed up to the update list.

  18. Jas

    Just signed up with my best email address.When will i get my free gift? Can’t wait for launch!

  19. Cat

    Finally a website without all the ego and bullsh*t. Hopefully you keep it clear and concise. Good luck with the site. I will be watching closely.